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Holiday Stollen - 2 Pound

Holiday Stollen
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Holiday Stollen - Our Signature Specialty
The tradition of Christmas stollen dates back to 14th century Germany where, because of the scarcity of ingredients, it was made only at Christmas, the time of greatest festivity and rejoicing. Today, stollen continues to be a holiday favorite with families passing their special recipes from generation to generation.

Our stollen is made by hand in small batches under the direction of our most experienced bakers. Our unique recipe uses rum-soaked raisins, dates and pecans that are added to a dough of sweet butter and specially spiced flour. The mix is cut into rough loaves, wrapped around a marzipan center then baked to a golden brown. When cooled, each loaf is brushed with melted butter and rolled in sugar and placed onto trays to rest.

To finish, we roll the stollen in Neu Schnee, or New Snow sugar.

Stollen improves with age and will stay fresh for weeks in your pantryor for months in the refrigerator or freezer. Each two-pound loaf is packaged in our own decorative holiday box and delivered with your personal greeting.

Stollen may be shipped UPS Ground anywhere in the continental US except Alaska.